I'm Green Eco Products

Green is what the Intelligent Marketing team have on their minds most of the time, with our range of promotional

products from recycled materials:

let's think green and let's be green in all that we do.

Browse our environmentally friendly products

All of our eco friendly products are either recycled from Post-consumer waste, or manufactured from sustainable resources. Click through to our Recycled Products or Eco friendly Products to browse our wide variety of items which have all been made with the earth in mind. As you go through the product listings, there will be a brief description of how each of the environmentally friendly products came into existence.

Pledge your support for eco friendly products

Intelligent Marketing are playing an active role in ensuring the technology to manufacture green products is brought to and expanded in South Africa. A wonderful job creation opportunity, click here to pledge your support to this worthy cause.

I’m green... are you?

Clyde, founder and owner of Intelligent Marketing.



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