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"Our products, made from Recycled, Biodegradable or Renewable content, tell a story of their origin and the possibility of a sustainable future, whilst simultaneously marketing your company’s brand."

Intelligent Marketing t/a I Am Green is one of South Africa’s leading ECO gift manufacturers & providers. Our extensive range of exclusive gifts and promotional merchandise offers affordable products, tailored to your company’s needs. We provide quality ‘Green’ alternatives to products commonly used in corporate marketing and promotion. Key to our business plan is investing in job creation, skills development and local economy stimulation.

Intelligent Marketing was founded in 2008 with the purpose of providing Environmentally Sustainable Promotional Products. With over 20 years of experience in the promotional and product designing sectors, we’re setting a standard of excellence that is tough to beat!

Green Products
We offer a wide range of products, from stationary, tote bags and t-shirts to indigenous trees. Some of our promotional items are imported from international producers who share our mandate of sustainability and our locally produced range of eco-related products is expanding rapidly.

The essence of being ‘Green’ is sustainability, conveyed simply in our catch phrase; “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Our products, made from Recycled, Biodegradable or Renewable content, tell a story of their origin and the possibility of a sustainable future, whilst simultaneously marketing your company’s brand.

Our vision
Holding our position as leaders in procuring and producing ECO related products is integral to our business strategy. We’ve worked on a number of projects with top South African advertising agencies, developing innovative concepts for environmentally sustainable branding and promotion products. Intelligent Marketing also has the license to bring technology used in creating our imported stationary items into South Africa. We are looking for partners interested in investing in this technology, so that we can expand our local range, cater for the growing demand of these products, reuse our country’s waste and reduce our national carbon footprint.

Investing in people
We are passionate about stimulating the local industry and have thus created a “Community Employment Program” (CEP). The aim of this initiative is to equip individuals with skills and employment opportunities, as well as supporting small local business by means of creating a platform from which they are able to market and sell their products. All businesses follow our mandate of environmental sustainability and harness individual creativity for the benefit of local families and a healthy planet. By channeling our production process through the CEP, we create a truly Triple Bottom Line for our clients.

We believe intelligent marketing means investing in quality marketing products as well as environmental and social sustainability.


Clyde Edwin Parton - Founder & Director

I love being creative. I enjoy the challenge in turning ideas into tangible products. My motto is "make, maintain and multiple". I would love to see this very idea "I Am Green" become a channel for great multitudes to be empowered with. I am deeply blessed to have my wife at my side each step of the way, together we stand. I have green fingers too, so I have lots of plants everywhere. Once was an artist with a brush, now one of my tools is a laser beam.

Candice Olivia Parton - Director

I like to inspire hope with everyone I meet, I believe in the beauty of life and aim to bring life into any hopeless situation. I am reminded each day how absolutely blessed we are with the most dynamic team on our side and humbled by how we are a family unit, not many companies have that. I am eager to uplift anyone in need. I have an inventive streak and I like to believe I am a visionary at heart. I am overly passionate about our products and have endless hope for the continual growth of I Am Green. I believe everyone needs to learn how to lead by Love.

Graeme Schmidt - Production Manager

There is no reason you can not make work fun and enjoyable for everyone around you. I'm a hard working person who perseveres to do my best. I am good with Wood Work, Steel Work, come to think of it any work requiring German engineering. I do what I love and I love what I do which is working with my hands, to me that is my most valuable asset. I have great pleasure in teaching, enriching and imparting skills unto the diverse group of staff we have to further better themselves. I am always willing to give a helping hand to those who need it. We continually expanding our product ranges and I to get create each new sample hot off the press. I have learnt that an eye for detail goes a very far way especially in this industry.

Prosper Musimwa - Production Assistant Manager

I am Prosper Musimwa, 30 years of age. I describe myself as a well behaved male adult. I have a passion to succeed in life. I am self motivated, hard working, and able to work under pressure. I have a good ability to motivate others as well as delegate work accordingly. I am good at interacting with people and issuing instructions. I love sports such as cricket, tennis, rugby and soccer. I am a fun and outgoing person who doesn't hold grudges. My aim in life is to Prosper as my name states so clearly but I can not accomplish that alone I need a team to work with. I love to see people working together in a workable environment as a team.

Evelyne Bosman - Floor Manager

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate my work and our environment. We work with various products like plants, bags, wood work etc and I am so proud of being part of such a big recycling firm that continues to expand. I am the companies longest employee and I aim to keep it that way. We always give our client the best quality of products. It is such a pleasure to go to work as we see each other as family and treat each other that way too. Clyde and Candice are the best leaders I could have ever hoped for, it is an honour to know them as they have a genuine love and care for everyone. 

Maureen Meintjies - Quality Control Manager

I have been working for the company for a number of years and all I can say is that it is an unbelievable place. Clyde and Candice are the loveliest people to work with. For me its an honour to come to work everyday. To do the large scope of products that we offer is a beautiful thing, not only see but to be part of. It is amazing to see how much one can do through recycling, so everyday is a new learning curve for myself. As head of Quality control I know for a fact that we only give our clients the very best. 

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