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3 Reasons to Recycle

1. SAVE EARTH We'll admit it, you're right. Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills is important to reduce pollution and save space. But did you know that reducing waste in landfills also reduces the chances of it accidentally contaminating groundwater reserves? Landfills have to meet strict safety measures to prevent ground contamination. But we believe reducing risk is much easier.

Also, when you recycle you allow businesses like I Am Green the opportunity to reuse materials. Every time you buy something new, a natural resource has to be consumed to manufacture it. The green products we create do not use new materials. All our materials are recycled, which in turn reduces the strain on our natural resources.

2. SAVE ENERGY In some cases, the recycling process consumes less energy than extracting and refining natural resources to manufacture new products. Recycling metal consumes less energy than mining and refining iron ore and forging it into new steel. You can light a 100-watt bulb for four hours with the energy saved from recycling one glass bottle. And you can power your computer for 25 minutes with the energy saved from recycling one plastic bottle.

3. SAVE OUR ECONOMY Using landfills to dispose of company waste (yes, we're back to landfills) can become costly when all your waste adds up. Instead, go green and recycle. It's a much cheaper way of dealing with waste. Additionally, buying recycled products is cheaper than the standard office-supply alternatives. Waltons charges anything between R7 and R20 for regular ballpoint pens. I Am Green’s Paper Papen Pens only cost R5,69 per unit. If you’re looking something a little more classier, the recycled Aluminium Pens (which include a highlighter at the opposite end) costs R11,68 per unit. For the same quality you could easily pay R30 at CNA. Funky wiro notebooks cost anything north of R50 at speciality stationary stores, but I Am Green’s recycled Card Cover Notebooks come in at R15 - R30 per unit. PLUS you have the added benefit of branding your company stationary.

Recycling also stimulates the economy by creating jobs. And we're not just talking about the trash collectors. Waste meant for recycling needs to be sorted and then processed mostly by hand at recycling centres. Which means these centres need to be staffed. I Am Green also runs a Community Employment Programme. So the more products we get to manufacture from your orders the more jobs we can offer.

Recycling is definitely one way of going green. But you won't only be saving Earth, you'll also be saving energy and the economy!

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